Vernian LEMO

American Waterfront

Walki'n long the waterfront
Stollin' by the sea
Just my girl'n me
To the beat of the city

Say, isn't it pretty
Hey, hear that trolley rumble by
To that ragtime beat
Syncopation's got you movin' your feet!

Feelin' jazzy snazzy
So razzmatazzy
Folks clappin' and toes tappin'
And hey hon, isn't it fun?

Tin Pan Alley's buzzin' there
Like a busy bee
Came on see that sassy
Oh so brassy,
Great American waterfront with me

It's a fun time, sun time
Just you and me hon time

Skirts twirlin' and tunes swirlin' all day there
So let's play there
Vo vo dee o
Broadway rhythm's ev'ry where
It's the place to be
On that sweet and lowin
Never slowin
Great American waterfront with me

So get snappin' tappin'
great things gonna happen
Long the great American waterfront
with me, with me...